Introducing the Halo Gimbal 2000

Halo 2000 (Deposit)

Halo 2000 (Deposit)


Please note that due to high demand, the Halo 2000 is currently on backorder. If you would like to be placed on our production list, please pay the stated deposit and we will notify you of the estimated completion date for your Halo once your order has been made.


The Halo 2000 is a three axes, stabilised camera gimbal, constructed from 100% carbon fibre.  The hollow carbon fibre chassis ensures a super-lightweight product whilst remaining incredibly strong. 

The Halo 2000 is designed for DSLR film cameras and is perfect for the following:

  • Canon 5D MK3
  • Panasonic GH2
  • Sony NEX5/7

Each camera fitted to the Halo 2000 can be perfectly balanced with Photo Higher's innovative 2 axes camera tray, allowing the user to finely adjust the Roll axis (left and right), Vertical axis (up and down), and Tilt Angle of the camera whilst it is attached to the gimbal.  A well balanced camera increases the performance of the gimbal and ensures rock solid gimbal stabilisation and perfectly accurate footage.


Weight:                           1.8kg

Overall Dimensions:       289 x 305 x 220mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Camera/Weight:             Cameras and equipment up to 1.8kg (well suited for the Canon 5D MK3 etc)

No of axes:                     Three - Pan, Tilt and Roll

Stabilisation:                   Direct Drive on all axes

Travel limit:                     None - all axes can perform 360 degree rotation (given room for the camera and lens)

Voltage range:                12 – 24 volts

Power consumption:       20 Watts (depending on balance and use)

Other features

  • Composite video connection between the tray and head
  • No external wires (all connections are inside the monocoque carbon arms)
  • 100% Carbon Fibre composite frame and plates
  • Direct Drive
  • Stabilisation in any orientation 

Cameras and video transmitters using less than 2A of current (e.g. 37W with a 5 cell LiPo pack) can be powered directly at the tray with the Halo 2000's own 12-24V power supply.  Composite converters can also be used to send a reliable video feed directly from the camera tray to the head with no cables to tangle.


    The Halo GIMBAL 2500 catching shots others find difficult.



    Get your hands on the strongest, lightest most advanced camera gimbal on the market.
    Not only will your shots be simpler to get, but your arms will thank you for upgrading as well.

    Visit the shop to find the perfect Halo Gimbal for you.

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